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IRPG / GSRPG 2011 Announcement Posted by Harm on 13.November.2011 at 15:50
This year's IRPG game (GSRPG 2011) will be the final GSRPG game. The game will be officially shuttered on 1/1/2012 after the final winner has been announced. I will not be starting up a new copy of the game again. Interest in the project has waned and thus I have no wish to continue hosting it.


IRPG / GSRPG 2010 Finished! Posted by Harm on 23.February.2011 at 16:50
THE DATABASE HAS BEEN RESET! Our winner (as far as highest level goes) was IPv6 (Byte's Bot) at level 72. This is the second year in a row that his bot has taken 1st place. Honorable mention goes out to SailorFrag, clever and Allie for bringing up the rest of the top 4. Enjoy!


IRPG / GSRPG 2009 Finished! Posted by Harm on 31.December.2009 at 18:15
The game is over! Our winner (as far as highest level goes) was IPv6 (Byte's Bot) at level 70. All of the other stats and information are available on the right side of the site. The 2007, 2008 and 2009 games are all available for people to browse.

Thanks to all who are playing and I will have the bot back online and re-accepting registrations shortly!


DNS Issues Posted by Harm on 21.Oct.2009 at 03:20
We are aware of and are currently working on the DNS issues. If a link doesn't work, change the 'domain' in the URL from to This should be resolved shortly. Thank you!

Team Requests Re-enabled Posted by Harm on 06.Aug.2009 at 14:20
Team Requests have been re-enabled. There was a number of code issues in the forms that have since been fixed. To request a team, go here:


GSRPG 1.2.1 Released Posted by Harm on 29.May.2009 at 19:15
There have been a number of bug reports that have come in about the bot returning an 'out of range' error when reaching a certain level. This was determined to be a bug in the PgSQL processing of the math needed to calculate the next level. This has been corrected and the new version is available from the downloads page. Big thanks to Jake (yes, THAT Jake) for coming out of the woodworks to help find and fix this bug.


GSRPG Web - Now IPv6 Capable! Posted by Harm on 12.January.2009 at 22:00
For those of you with access to IPv6 enabled services, I have enabled IPv6 for the GSRPG site. The datacenter where I have the server hosted has IPv6 capabilities and thus I now have them on the site. If you're having trouble resolving the AAAA record for the normal site (as in, the A record is taking precedence) then I have provided an alternative host for you to utililize:

Please note that the above link will only work if you have IPv6 capabilities. If you click it and nothing happens, then you really need to consider getting IPv6 somehow ;)


IRPG / GSRPG 2009 Game Launched! Posted by Harm on 30.December.2008 at 22:00
IRPG / GSRPG 2009 has Launched! Join #IRPG on GameSurge to create your account!

Thanks to all who play and we'll see who wins this time around :)


IRPG / GSRPG 2008 Finished! Posted by Harm on 30.December.2008 at 00:01
The game is over! Our winner (as far as highest level goes) was Jaden. All of the other stats and information are available on the right side of the site (TO YOUR RIGHT that way for those of you who are directionally challenged). The 07 game and the 08 game are both available for people to browse.

Thanks to all who are playing and I will have the bot back online and re-accepting registrations shortly!


Game Reset Coming Soon! - 2009 Posted by Harm on 26.December.2008 at 22:25
To kick off 2009 I plan on resetting the bot and starting everyone over. This will happen sometime later this week or early next week. I plan on doing this as close to Jan 01 as possible but seeing as this will put it in the middle of a work week for me, I cannot make any guarantees. This may actually happen on the 2nd or 3rd. I will take the bot down at/around midnight on the 31st. All information will be archived (as it was for 2007) in another section of the site. Thanks to all who play and keep enjoying this little project.

Systems Maintenance - Carbon Posted by Harm on 12.October.2008 at 16:00
The website and bot are being moved to a different server. As of 19:00CDT the bot has been successfully moved to the new server. The website has been moved but we are awaiting propagation of DNS to occur. All stats will be down until the DNS has propagated. You can tell when the site has been successfully moved as the new title will contain the following '- Carbon'. Thank you. (Update: -Carbon has been removed from Titlebar)

GSRPG Version 1.2.0 Released Posted by Harm on 25.November.2007 at 12:01am
Version 1.2.0 of the bot has been released. While this version is not a major upgrade to the previous code, it does have some new features and changes the timing and odds a bit in the game. All of the change details can be found in the changelog. A link to the changelog is on the right side menu. Thanks to the developers who helped with this. This includes, but is not limited to, Shoat, hatterson, Cradly, and Nitro (the guinea pig).

GSRPG Version 1.1.6 Released Posted by Harm on 23.November.2007 at 5:50pm
Version 1.1.6 of the bot has been released. This adds only a couple of minor changes in regards to the 'rejoin' command and introduces the 'mrejoin' command for admins. I also included an option to specify the password for a monitor channel. Also, we have already begun development of the 1.1.7 version of the bot and it will be out here in a couple of weeks. You can view the active changelog by clicking the Changelog link on the right-side menu.

GSRPG Version 1.1.5 Released Posted by Harm on 09.November.2007 at 1:17am
Today we announce version 1.1.5 of the GSRPG bot. With it comes only a couple of minor changes and additions. We'll start off with the first major addition: admin channel notifications. Basically what this means is that if you have an admin channel setup then any command that is performed by an admin is announced to this channel, including the admin name as well as the full command they performed. The second change is when the whois and lookup commands are used, they will now show a URL to the players profile on the website. Be reminded that if you download this code, please update the website to your own and not ours as our website does not pull information from your bot's database. The code for the admin notifications was done by Shoat (thanks Shoat!).

Old Game Information Posted by Harm on 07.November.2007 at 6:07pm
Please note the new links on the right side of the page under "Idle RPG 2007". They will take you to the pages of information from the old database immediately prior to the reset.

Bot Accounts Reset Posted by Harm on 02.November.2007 at 3:00pm
I took the liberty of resetting all of the accounts back to the original timing, thus basically resetting the accounts back to starting. Crad's account won the last game and this starts a new game for us. Enjoy!

Bot Reset Tonight! Posted by Harm on 01.January.2007 at 2:15pm
Tonight at midnight I will be bringing the bot back online to begin a new year and a new game. All accounts have been deleted and we're starting totally fresh. Expect to see the bot return somewhere right around 00:00:01 Central Time (GMT-6) and make sure that you register as quick as you can!

NOTE: Yes some accounts have already been created due to those accounts all being admin accounts. Thanks!

Various News Posted by Harm on 22.October.2006 at 3:45am
Today I released version 1.1.3 of the GSRPG source code which includes a new command for admins as well as a schema change for the database. You can apply the patch to the database by simply using the 'alter' commands stated at the bottom of the schema file you download with the new source code.

Today I also announced that I will be performing a bot reset on January 1st, 2007. That gives everyone about 2 months to prepare whatever it is that needs prepared. It also allows people time to hit level 60 (as of this posting, IPv6 is about 34 days from hitting 60). This means that everyone will have to re-register and re-create their teams.

As usual, any questions can be asked in #IdleRPG on Thank you for playing, and enjoy.

Bot Reset Posted by Harm on 12.March.2006 at 5:32pm
A few people haven't realized this yet, but last weekend we reset the player database on the bot and required that everyone re-register. This was due to a couple of reasons, but mainly it was done to stir up interest again. The leaders hadn't changed in a while and it just got stagnant. If you can't login to your account, please make sure that your account has been registered before bugging our staff.

Also, when we reset the player database, we reset the teams database. All old teams no longer exist and you're required to re-register those as well. To apply for a team, please use the form located at:

Thank you for playing, and enjoy.

GSRPG 1.1.2 Released Posted by Jake on 09.May.2004 at 6:32pm
I've released GSRPG 1.1.2, which is mostly just a patch to fix a quit bug found by RedBull. Thanks to him for pointing it out to us.

LOL APRIL FOOLS :) Posted by Harm on 1.April.2005 at 11:40pm
In light of April Fool's Day, some of us admins thought we would pull a small prank on the channel and the users in the channel. Turns out, a lot of people fell for it. We decided the best joke to pull was to kill the bot and fake unregister the channel and proceed to tell people that the game was over due to us not being able to afford the server it's hosted on anymore.

* Parts: ChanServ ( (Channel unregistered by pb.)
* ChanServ sets mode: -z
* Quits: IRPG ( (Quit: Received DIE from Harm)
(Harm) Due to some unforseen circumstances, we're having to close IRPG down
(Harm) it was fun while it lasted
(Harm) but we can't afford to run it anymore
(Harm) we do apologize for this
(Harm) and thank you for playing
(Harm) thanks again for supporting us
## END LOG ##

What made it even better, was even though I was spewing out random misinformation in #IdleRPG (our support channel) people still thought it was true. We even had some of our friends who are not normally in the channel come in and try to rile people up in there. The best part was the people who tried to re-register the channel via #support. Nice try, but we had that covered already. Some of you may think it was already April 2, but you have to take into consideration that the server hosting the bot is actually located in California and therefore it was only about 10:30pm Pacific time. Gotcha. April Fools! Hope you enjoyed the prank :P

Forums Now Open! Posted by Jake on 26.November.2004 at 2:40am
Yeah I should have done this a long time ago. So sue me. The link is to your right.

GSRPG2 Under Active Development Posted by Jake on 22.November.2004 at 12:07am
It's been awhile since I've had a post like this, but I'd like to announce that GSRPG2 is now under active development. This is a complete rewrite of the code in PHP (not perl) and it's going to be a major upgrade for us in a lot of ways. I'm not working on it very heavily and I don't expect it to be done until after the first of the year, however since the game has been more or less stagnant for some time now, I thought I should let you guys know my attention has been at least partly refocused towards improving GSRPG.

I'll post updates as I have them, and before long I'll open up the development channel (I know some of you remember #irpg2, eh?). However the primary point of this post is to ask for suggestions. I've asked for feedback from you guys at various times before, and I'm going to do that again right now. If you have a suggestion (pertaining to the game, the bot, anything) that you honestly think can make the bot better, let me know. I'm usually available on IRC (GameSurge) as "Jake", or, if you want, drop me email using the contact link on the right of this page. Anything [reasonable] goes, so if you have something to say, now's the time to say it. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

UPDATE: Happy 1 Year Birthday GSRPG! Posted by Harm on 03.November.2004 at 3:41pm
UPDATE: The special event was a couple of Free Level ups for people who were logged in at 8:30p CST. If you were not logged in at that time, then you missed out on 2 free levels. We will not be handing out any free levels to people because they weren't logged in, so please refrain from asking. This was only for the people who were logged in at the time.

Today is GSRPG's 1 year birthday on the GameSurge network. Tonight we will be holding a special event for all logged in users. If you wish to participate in this, you will need to be logged into the game. Join us in #idlerpg and in #irpg (on GameSurge) to help us celebrate this 1 year birthday.

Website Source Released Posted by Jake on 26.June.2004 at 05:39pm
Sorry for the delays, but my schedule's been even busier than I expected. At any rate, the website source has been posted (click on the sourcecode link). It's pretty much an exact copy of this site, but with certain things stripped out, so there shouldn't be too many bugs to sort out. I'm sure a few exist though, so let me know if you find any.

Website Source Posted by Jake on 16.June.2004 at 05:39pm
Since I know I haven't been overly frank about how the new GSRPG works, and I know that the new GSRPG is heavily dependent upon this website, I will be releasing the source code to this site hopefully within the week. I've been steadily working on it and trying to get it ready to go, but unfortunately between dealing with the bot and dealing with my real life schedule, I haven't been able to make as much progress as I would have liked to. However this weekend my schedule clears up significantly, and I am going to try to get this thing ready to go either by the end of the weekend or sometime during the week after. It will be posted here, so check back frequently if you're interested in checking it out.

The [New] Launch Posted by Jake on 07.June.2004 at 12:26pm
After all the lovely problems/bugs/failures/etc. of the first launch, we are very (very) happy to say that we have eliminated just about every problem/bug we know of, as well as completely overhauled the way the bot tracks times, and this time we think we got it right. There's a complete list of changes from the first bot to the second in the changelog (link on right), but suffice to say this version will be everything the first one wasn't.

Having said that, the new launch for GSRPG v1.0.1 is this Saturday (June 12) at 4pm EST (that's GMT-5). We will be resetting the game one more time, and this time it's going to be permanent. After Saturday, things should finally settle down and return to normal. I will probably be releasing the source code to GSRPG this Saturday, assuming things go as planned and we don't run into any more massive bugs as in v1.0.0. I apologize for all the crap we've put you guys through, and I hope to see you in #irpg this Saturday.

Name Change & Release Date Posted by Jake on 21.May.2004 at 10:30am
The most important change to note today is that the IRPG2 project I've been working on for some time is being renamed. As of today, IRPG2 will heretofore be known as GSRPG, standing for GameSurge RPG. To most of us, this change means absolutely nothing; the bot's actual nickname and the URL of this site are not changing, but the project name will be switching to GSRPG. I've discussed this with jotun, and we agreed that a new name will help avoid any confusion between our bot and his.

Also, I've confirmed the release date of GSRPG for those of you that are interested. I'm lazy, and I haven't entirely finished the news script yet, so I'm just going to paste what I posted yesterday.

The GSRPG launch has finally been set (and confirmed) for this Saturday, May 22 at 9pm EST. Everyone's stats will be reset, and the game will start over from scratch.

Because GSRPG is very new, and incorporates a variety of changes, I will be hosting an open forum/Q&A session to go cover all aspects of the new bot. It will begin at 8pm EST (one hour before launch). In addition, GBC Sports (the radio station I work for) will be covering the event. There's a lot of material to go over, and because I would strongly prefer not to answer two gazillion pm's, I strongly recommend you take advantage of this, and tune into GBC instead of watching me acquire carpal tunnel in the span of two hours. I will not be the main DJ during the cast, although I will be on ventrilo to answer any questions the real DJ's don't know.

Once again, GSRPG goes live this Saturday. If you want to take advantage of the game reset and try to get an early lead in the new game, Saturday would be the time to do it. As always, I am available for questions via irc or via email (click contact link).

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